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The Art and Illustrations of John Dotegowski



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I am an artist and illustrator working primarily in the fields of Imaginative Realism.


You can contact me by email at johndotegowski@gmail.com



There are obviously a lot of images on this site and loading times may be slow depending on your connection. I have done what I could to keep them reasonably sized. Thanks for your patience!



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My Planned Schedule for 2021:



Nickel City Con May 2021

Buffalo Convention Center

Buffalo NY


Illuxcon  -  October 2021

Showcase Artist Friday and Saturday evenings







**Unless otherwise noted all images on this site are copyrighted by John Dotegowski and may not be used or reprinted without permission.**



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Unless otherwise noted all images are Copyrighted by John Dotegowski and may not be copied or printed without express written permission.